So, this is just a simple start-up page for my upcoming “Greek in Japan” travel documentary show. I am starting this just to give a small teaser of some videos that will follow.

So, what is “Greek in Japan” all about, really?

“Greek in Japan” will be your alternative travel documentary to Japan. And it is alternative, simply because you will not only see the typical tourist attractions and sight seeing stuff, but also, alternative options of what you can actually see in Japan! From the last trip (which was the 3rd time I visited Japan), what I have included, is an report from the famous world of Drift! After all, Japan is where it all started from, as far as the drift world is concerned, for car enthusiasts! I was really welcomed by “Zamurai”, a professional drifter from Saitama, whose hospitality was LEGENDARY! Ian Andresen, who worked as his manager and good friend, was the key-person who helped me to make all of this possible! So, my first series from my “Greek in Japan” videos, will be “the Drift Version”, which is actually a mini promotional video for what is about to follow! Stay tuned, this is only the beginning!

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Okay, enough with the begging and the blah-blah, here is the first video! ENJOY and please, feel free to write your comments! More videos are coming!!!