My 2 Opels!

Yeah, you guessed right! My main passion are my 2 Opel Ascona B’s! One is a white 4-door and the other is a red 2-door! The white one runs on a 2.0 OHC engine and the red one on a 2.7 4-cylinder CIH engine, with 50mm Weber DCO/SP carbs, producing about 230 BHP of N/A power with 280 Nm of torque! The engine is tuned by Stelios Oustabasidis from Coffee’s Haus Garage from Thessaloniki, north Greece, and has been ported had its cylinders widened by 2 mm to fit them huge 97mm Venolia forged Pistons from the US, with the beautiful steel conrods of PPM Racing (they were bought from Australia) and the massive 90.6mm stroke crank off a 2.3 Diesel. The DBilas Camshaft of 326° comes up nicely along with the Kent Springs on the cylinder head and the beast breathes out off a 63.5mm exhaust.  On the rear, a nice Limited Slip Differential has been installed for some sideways fun. 


Rebuilding an Ascona, is like building perfection again! Redefining what beautiful means!

The white Ascona used to belong to my dad. He bought it first-hand in 1979 and I literally grew up in it! He brought me home with this car from the hospital, when I was born!

I bought the 2-door red one off a guy in north Greece back in 2011.

The white Ascona was rebuilt back in 2003-2005.