So, here it is! My portfolio page!
As you may notice, I mostly design car stuff.. Hell, all I do is designing car stuff! That’s because I… well… Okay, you got me… I love cars! 🙂


WIP – Lamborghini Reventon

Thought to start a new project, so, I’m now working on a 3D Model of Lamborghini Reventon. Will be posting up the progress in here!


As soon as I bought my all-time favourite rims, the BBS RS (well, not them really, as they are too expensive, I just bought off another company as very good replica rims), I just HAD to design them in 3D! 

Not only because they are the most beautiful rims ever created, but also because I thought they were a bit of a challenge to do in 3D. Their design is a bit complex. Nevertheless, as soon as I started, I realised it was quite an easy and fun task to do! The nice thing about rims though is that you make one and you instantly have 4! All you have to do is to clone the model another 3 times! Yay!


My Final Project for the University of Portsmouth back in 2004… It had to be a car, again! 

Spline Modelling

Thought at that time to challenge myself and make a Spline model, something I never did before, back then! It was fun, but it also cost me a few hair that turned white (not really). Was my best project at the time and a little dream coming true: To finally model a car!

Hellenic Motorsport

Yeah, well… That was some kind of a contest I took part into. I was told that the judges loved it and were quite impressed by it, however, they chose something else, as they needed something in a more “Vector” version! Makes total sense! But hey!

Why the Carrera GT?

At the time it was something really new! A supercar from Porsche, deviating from their standards! Only by watching the car’s commercial ad video, made me dream!
Well, I couldn’t afford buying one, so, I thought I should make one in 3D, at least!

Buildings have also been quite a fun part, when I worked for the University of Crete along with famous archaeologist Liana Starida and project manager Kyriakos Papadakis, for the 3D visulization of the city of Heraklion back in the 1600s, under the Venetian occupation…

Buildings surely have been a lot of fun too, when constructing them! Especially when it’s all about your city’s history…

The final result has been worked in Unity and can be now seen here:

But enough with buldings, don’t you think? How about some more car stuff, just for a break? Here is my Opel Ascona. This is my real life car (yeah, got 2 of these beauties, a 2-door and a 4-door) and I have modelled it in 3D, along with some parts. Enjoy!
How about some Character Modelling? Let’s see Bobby, a ZBrush model that is still work in progress, but hey!

BOBBY – A Character!

Well, I can see that Character Modelling IS actually important! After all, without it, you can’t have a driver for your 3D car, can you?! 🙂


Here’s a Dreadnaught robot. You know this one, don’t you? 😉

Let’s have a last look to a few more attempts for several sorts of rims…